For buildings that are tight on space, rectangular air ducts are the better option. A rectangular duct's width and height are two different measurements, allowing HVAC contractors to adjust the duct until it fits into the wall. This is a clear advantage over round ducts, which have a consistent diameter.

Pittsburgh Locking System

The Longitudinal Joints will be factory formed & sent in “L Shaped” sections for easy transportation, site handling, storage and to facilitate easy assembly at site. Boxed up ducts also available on request.

Transverse Duct Flange for Air Q Ducts

TDF is a flanging system that consists of forming a flange profile on the duct ends, thus made out of a sheet from which the duct is fabricated. TDF is a 4-bolt duct connection system that eliminates time wastage. These TDF flange eliminates the additional internal sealing around the edges of duct & thereby saves the labour and material. 

C&S Cleats Ducting

Slip and Drive Cleats system is generally used for low end, less critical applications. TDF cannot be made below 200mm size of the duct. We suggest to use C&S Cleat instead of TDF. C&S cleats will be cut to size sent loose to drive at site. 

MS Angle Flange

This will be provided for Kitchen and Exhaust ducting. Also, we supply as per customer requirements.

Rectangular Fittings

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AIR Q DUCTS has been the leading manufacturer of spiral duct and associated fittings. Our commitment to excellence also extended our leading after sales services and supply programs „FOR ORDERING TO ON GOING SUPPORT‟. “AIR Q” specializes in HVAC and extraction systems. We at Air Q Ducts master the science of air management with the experience of understanding of practical applications, ensure the project is error free. On time and in budget. We look forward to work with your organization.

Seam Locks

   Standards SMACNA 2005 – 0.63mm (24G) – 1.2mm (18G)
           ​ 0 to 600 0.63mm (24G)
            601 to 900 0.8mm (22G) 
            901 to 1250 1.0mm (20G) 
            1221 to 1500 1.2mm (18G)

Installation Process

Air Q Ducts single grove Coupling and Flange Coupling system for easy assembly.

Our Supporting Systems

Spiral duct fittings


Air Q Spiral Flat – Oval duct is machine formed From Air Q Round Spiral Duct. The flat oval shape is specifically designed for low head room and restricted space locations which cannot accept round duct.

Air Q Coupling System

Oval Duct fittings

Air Q Double Wall Ducts 

Double Wall Spiral Duct

Double Wall Oval Duct

Outer wall Galvanized, Inner wall Galvanised with accuflange rings double wall insulated spiral available with fiberglass / open cell nitrile rubber insulation as per requirement. Flat Oval Ducts are manufactured with a double bead between each lock seam using a lock seam technique to improve the reliability and durability.

Double wall ducts help acoustically

We are also Manufacturing

Fire rated Ducts

Volume Control Dampers

Cross Talk Silencers 

Sound Attenuators 

Flexible Ducts

Slot Diffuser Plenums & Spill air boxes